Music is the breath in my lungs.
The cello is the love of my life.
The stage is my home.

When I play, that is my destination; I love taking anyone who wants to come with me on the journey.
Whether it is an ‘ordinary’ concert or a musical theatre performance. As long as I can move people, make them feel. As long as there is a connection.

In a way, playing is how I show love.

“singing on four strings: this is something Hochscheid can do like few others”
“Simply stunning pieces, and it helps that Hochscheid is so incredibly skilled at conveying the rich melancholy of the lilting melody”
“Hochscheid thrills us by making her cello sing with exceptional passion. This is international top quality in every conceivable way.”
Het Parool

“The sounds that Frans van Ruth conjures up from the piano perfectly complement Doris Hochscheid’s sonorous and passionate virtuoso performance”
Class Aktuell

“…way beyond issues of technical prowess; shaping beautiful phrases and producing gorgeous colors”

“Thank you for the music inside my body, so delicious, so moving”
“A lesson in surrender, enchanting and beautiful.”
“Moving, personal, with an unusual intimacy & immediacy. I want more!” “Stunning … performance. Dramatic, powerful, real!”
“A moving story and dramatic music, an evocative performance.”

Working on the lyrics for the ‘cello opera’ with Doris was surprising. Doris has a natural flair for theatre and is very enthusiastic and open when collaborating. She is not afraid to leave well-trodden paths behind and all the while her cello playing is enchanting. We are very happy that Doris has asked us to work on her project with her to combine text with cello, voice and piano.

Gerrit Timmers and Mirjam Koen
Artistic Directors OT Rotterdam